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The company

RCL Technologies is a technical company based in Somerset West in South Africa.

We specialise in acces control, meal booking, POS, photocopier, note readers and sport facility booking systems which is widely used in universities in South Africa and various private sector organisations.

All the development is done in house - the design of the hardware electronics, manufacture of the hardware, programming of the hardware and the design and implementation of the software system which drives it all.

Our background

Initially we started by providing a meal booking system to the universities in South Africa. With the system the students could book the meals they wanted to eat. This meant the caterers had accurate information on how many people would be attending any specific meal and the money saved on this went into the millions of rands. The students also saved because they only paid for the meals they wanted to eat.

Once we had the hardware for the card readers and the database of users it was a small step to extend the system to cater for other needs at the universities - access control in the residences, photocopier control in the libraries, point of sale control in the kitchens, booking control for the squash and tennis courts and stock control to keep track of the food sold in the kitchens.

The systems have evolved as technology changed - from a simple ascii terminal for booking we now have touch screens and online booking. From the simple mag swipe card (still the favorite means of identifying a user) we now have proximity cards and fingerprint systems. We started with independent systems in each kitchen. Now we have an integrated system with a synchronised RDBMS database in each server.

This is what we do

We make, install and maintain various types of control systems. Our systems include the following:

Access Control

The system is a module of the MealPac debit card system initially designed to manage and control the catering requirements of a large organisation such as a university.

Meal Booking Control

Users such as students are required to book their meals in advance. This gives the kitchen an accurate forecast of how much food to prepare and at meal times, the real time statistics of how many people have eaten and how many are still to eat.

Photocopier Control

This system is designed for a student or office environment which can control up to 320 copiers, PCs, note readers or doors/gates

Point Of Sale (POS) Control

POS software records each sale when it happens, so your inventory records are always up-to-date. The system lets you track usage, monitor changes in unit rand costs and calculate when you need to reorder.

Sport Facility Control

The system is a debit card system designed to manage and control a sports complex.

Stock Control

The stock system is a tool to keep track of items going into and out of a store. It consists of a database of items in the store and documents defining what and how these items move, with generated reports indicating what is happening.

Note Reader Control

The note readers determine the exact amount of money deposited in order to render a service such as buying print or photocopier or squash court credits etc.


Here are some of the products we have running at our clients.

University of Pretoria - All residences

  • Meal Booking System
  • Access Control System (Over 400 Access Points)
  • Point Of Sale System (Over 60 POS Points)

High Performance Centre - Pretoria

  • Meal booking system
  • Point of sale system (POS)
  • Access control system

University of the Free State - Bloemfontein

  • Access control system (Over 100 access points)
  • Photocopier control system
  • Point of Sale control

University of the Western Cape - Bellville

  • Point of sale system (Over 100 access points)
  • Photocopier control system
  • Point of Sale control

University of Cape Town - Mowbray, Cape Town

  • Sport (Squash court) control system (16 court controller)
  • Access control system (4 access points)

UCT Graduate School of Business - Waterfront, CT

  • Access control system

Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT)

  • Access control system (13 access points)
  • Photocopier control system (77 copier controller points)
  • Note reader control system (16 linked to photocopy control system)

Canon Botswana - Botswana

  • Photocopying system

Van der Stel Sports Centre - Stellenbosch

  • Access control system
  • Sport (squash court) control system (4 court controllers)

Radloff Squash club - Somerset West

  • Point of sale system
  • Access control system
  • Sport (Squash court) control system (4 court controller)

Elsenburg Agricultural College - Stellenbosch

  • Meal booking system
  • Access control system (4 access points)

Tshwane University of Technology - Pretoria

  • Point of sale system

Hugenote College - Wellington

  • Meal booking system


Here is a more detailed description of each of RCL's service/product offerings.

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